Why I Love Serving

Rivercamp has been running sixteen years this year and out of those sixteen years, I’ve attended fourteen and served at ten. So, I thought I would give five quick reasons why I love serving.

1. I grow

Every time I serve on team, I find myself surrounded by other believers who encourage and strengthen me by their walk with Christ. How they live and see the gospel worked out in their lives becomes a source of growth and challenge for me. It’s amazing, as I step out to serve others, I receive and consequently grow.

2. I see others grow

When you serve, and give up your time and energy for someone else, you get emotionally and spiritually recharged but you also emotionally and spiritually recharge others. When you volunteer, to serve others, put them above yourselves you sow something special, something of Christ into them.

3. I discover community

People are desperate to belong. To feel a part of something significant, longing to be cared about, served and loved. When you serve, alongside others, you discover community with others. Often in these moments of serving, I find friends, who become lifelong friends. I’ve discovered serving provides opportunities for friendships and community to happen.

4. I discover joy

Jesus is Love. When we love others through serving, it is natural for us to feel a ‘spiritual joy’ – you’re being Jesus to others! We feel joy when we give. That’s why the giver feels more blessed than the receiver most of the time.

5. I discover fun

I have so much fun when I serve each year at RiverCamp – I’ve been involved in site management, youth work, event planning and much more over my ten years serving. Sure, there are some stressful points (like when it rains) but serving alongside others can be real fun.

Each year many turn up ready to serve and sweat their way through Rivercamp. Those who serve set a strong tone for our annual gathering with their smile, their hard work and the way they carry themselves throughout the camp. Our various ministry team embody the spirit of Rivercamp and in doing so begin to understand and experience this desire we have to belong in community.

If you’re thinking of coming to Rivercamp 2017 then why not join one of our many teams and experience the joy of serving alongside new people. We have volunteer positions available and would love you to consider being on team, even if you have already booked in, let us know, it’s not too late.