By Andi Foster

“In this modern digital swirl of opportunity and connectedness, staying alive on the inside can feel elusive and almost impossible. The world of the internet never sleeps and the opportunity to explore new horizons never ceases. We live fully connected 24/7. This Rivercamp what would it look like to step out beyond those 24/7 connections and encounter God – to be in an Audience of One, not many? A moment to seek Him, hear Him and see Him face to face.”

Distraction; Something that prevents someone from concentrating on something else.

I am easily distracted. I will start books and not finish them, I’ll start writing a song and move on half way through (I’ve got about 20 albums worth of half-finished songs), I’ve been known to stop a sentence halfway through and the ‘continue watching’ section on my Netflix account is a seemingly never-ending scroll sideways. I am easily distracted.

But in the run up to Rivercamp this year there is one Bible verse that I haven’t been able to get out of my head. It’s one verse that has been challenging me more consistently than any other recently. And it’s a verse from Mark’s gospel that despite reading it hundreds of times, I’m only starting to understand the weight of what is being said.

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.

Jesus takes himself away to a place where He can’t be distracted by the people around him or whatever the equivalent of Facebook was in the 1st Century AD. He goes away with the specific intent of spending time with the Father. His priority is only the Father. Jesus ignores everything else that takes away from that Audience of One. He steps away from the world for that encounter and that pursuit. That focus and discarding of all else is one of the focus points of Rivercamp this year. And I’ve got another challenge for us.

You’ve read about my distractions. But I know that’s not just me. Each of us has some form of distraction. This year’s Rivercamp catch line describes it perfectly. But at the end of the day they’re all irrelevant as they all take us away from our focus. The pursuit of the Father.

So this Rivercamp I’m praying for breakthroughs in people’s lives. I’m praying for healings. I’m praying to see lives changed. And I know that we’ll see all of those things. God is going to blow away our expectations. But for me there is one thing I want above anything else next week. And that is a life-changing moment. I don’t want to be distracted any more. I’m praying for the hunger that Jesus showed in that moment and that it doesn’t fade after I’ve left Rivercamp. I’m praying that my heart will no longer settle for ‘that’s enough’. I’m praying for an overwhelming desire to meet with the Father at every moment and in everything I do. I’m praying for a week for life.

Join me?